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Arriving to Village Hall for the First Time

May/June 2014

By Rob Durning, Director of Community Services

I don't know whether you're aware of it or not but the Village Board is considering major work to the Village Hall. This could wind up being a major renovation with some small additions or a brand new building. Nothing has been decided yet. Your ideas will certainly be listened to as we go forward.

I can't help but think of my own thoughts of the Village Hall over the last three years starting with my initial job interview. I pulled into the driveway after seeing the wood sign in front and immediately thought this is something unlike anything I've ever seen. I remember slowing my car down to a crawl. Didn't want to disturb a deer on a stroll or a book club meeting in some quiet nook.

The beautiful garden in the center, the big looped driveway, the two metal deer statues. The Village Hall revealed itself slowly. With each passing second I became more gripped at the beauty and charm. I parked my car away from the building. I didn't want my car grill to smudge the view of the woods of a book club member or whomever else was behind that window. Parking away from the building somehow felt I was making less of a footprint.

It almost felt like I should have knocked first on the front door. The Village Hall felt that warm and inviting. I walked into the front door for the first time feeling completely relaxed. The job interview went well I thought.

To this day I love seeing the expressions on the faces of first time visitors to the Village Hall. I've learned to know the look and body language before a word is ever uttered. The look that says: This is so beautiful. You are so fortunate. It is and I am.

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