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Sustainable Landscaping and Lawn Care: How it Protects Us and Our Children

July/August 2014


For many, lawns rank up there with mom, baseball and apple pie. It’s the place your children romp and wrestle, your friends and family gather for picnics and summer holidays, and even the place your dog loves to play. With this kind of contact, doesn’t it make sense that we make our lawns as safe as possible?

Children are particularly vulnerable to lawn and landscape pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Simply stated, children and lawn chemicals don’t mix. Study after study links the use of pesticides and herbicides to a host of cancers, nervous-system disorders and other illness.

Nitrates from inorganic fertilizer have been found in countless rural wells across farm country and have become a problem with public water supplies as well.

We have to ask: why do we continue to dump tons of these products on our backyards year after year?

Do you have to have a dandelion and crabgrass filled lawn? Do you have to have diseased leaves on your shrubs and trees? Absolutely not! Develop healthy soil with the use of a slow-release natural organic fertilizer to avoid weed problems. Corn gluten is an effective natural pre-emergent. Safe spot treatments include fatty-acid soaps and botanicals such as vinegar or citrus-based products. Use plants that have been selected and bred for resistance to diseases or pests and adapted to your particular location and situation

Find out what you can do and how to do it. This Fall.

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