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Orphans of the Storm Receives 100 Women Who Care Award

November/December 2014

Orphans of the Storm was a proud recipient of the 100 Women Who Care award this past summer. If you haven’t heard about the 100 Women Who Care, you may be interested to know that it is a group of one hundred women strong who meet four times a year to make a collective impact on a local charity. Each member pledges $100 at each of the four meetings and when that gets combined with the donations of the other members, one collective donation of over $10,000 is created for a member-nominated charity during each meeting. The $10,000+ is to be put towards a project that will truly make a difference.

Orphans of the Storm has identified it’s project for the $11,800 award. Most Riverwoods residents do know of the shelter and it’s huge number of animals that are helped to a second chance in life each year, but what most are probably not aware is that seven acres of this shelter’s property have never been developed. This seven-acre wooded parcel is one of the largest untouched piece of woodland property remaining in the Village of Riverwoods. And here, among the beautiful old oaks, the groves of trillium and the native shrubs is where Orphans of the Storm plans to put the award dollars to work creating the Woodland Trails Project.

The Woodland Trails Project is a series of nature trails that will be created with the native trees and shrubs being saved, the invasives being removed, and beautiful nature trails contouring through the wooded space. Here volunteers will be able to get shelter dogs out of their kennels to enjoy the scents, fresh air and freedom to explore.

Our Village Forester, commented that once the buckthorn is removed, the dormant seed bank will explode.

Watch for updates on the woodland Trails Project, and also think about checking out the 100 Women Who Care (the north suburban chapter of course). Guests are always welcome. The meetings take place at Philly G’s in Vernon Hills. Learn more at

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