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Riverwoods RRA Plant Sale and Community Day

May/June 2015

Once again the Riverwoods Community Day was a big success with residents coming together to eat, mingle and pick up their plant orders. But the most important news of the day came from this year’s plant sale where more plants were ordered than ever before! And word is that residents are really getting the message about replacing dead trees, planting for the next generation, and taking advantage of the terrific cost-sharing program offered by the Village. Last year was a good year as 82 native trees were sold. This year we 142 trees were ordered.

Other plant sale facts:

  1. Best selling native trees were Redbud, Blue Beech and Red Oak.
  2. Best sellers among native shrubs – the Smooth Hydrangea and Spicebush. 139 native shrubs were sold.
  3. Best selling perennials included the Helleborus, Ostrich Fern and Allium. All of which are deer resistant.
  4. The best selling wildflower was the Asclepias species, which are favorites of the Monarch butterfly. Over 100 of these plants were sold.
  5. And finally, what is trending in Riverwoods – Native wildflowers win hands down. With over 400 sold at this year’s plant sale, Riverwoods is about to be a little more native than it was last year.

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