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Village Hall Will Miss Cheryl and Joyce

July/August 2015

Time keeps passing and with its passing comes many changes. For those of us working at the Village Hall, Time and Retirement have taken two long-time members of our family.

Cheryl Hadley, executive assistant to the mayor and village clerk, retired after a quarter century of service to the Village. Her title does not do her justice as Cheryl was responsible for a huge amount of anything that got done in the Village. From arborist’s visits to zoning board meetings, Cheryl was the person who kept things moving and the elected village officials on track. Cheryl was the voice on the Village end of the phone when residents called Village Hall and was always the first to say “We need to help these people!” She will be sorely missed.

Joyce Fromm was water billing clerk and later utility billing clerk. Her efforts kept water flowing reliably throughout the village and billing straight. On those occasions where there was a problem with billing, Joyce worked diligently to get to the bottom of the problem, always protecting the individual residents’ interests while still ensuring that tax payers of the village were protected as well. Working for both the resident water users and the Village water fund at the same time was seldom easy but somehow Joyce found a way to do it, and always with a smile. After 15 years, her retirement has left an empty spot in our hearts.

As we bid our friends a fond farewell, we also hope they can take time out from grandchildren and the other joys of retirement to visit us at the Village Hall now and then. They will always be welcome.

John Norris
Mayor of Riverwoods

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