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Partnerships for Success Award

September/October 2015

By Mike Clayton, RPC President

The Riverwoods Preservation Council (RPC) is proud to have shared the "Partnerships for Success" award from the Chicago Region Tree Initiative (Morton Arboretum), recognizing the partnership between the RPC, the Village, and the Plant Committee. Our association has resulted in the sale of over 300 new native trees and 500 new native shrubs to Riverwoods residents during the last three years, innovative ordinances protecting the woodlands, a wide array of cost-sharing property management opportunities, and numerous education programs and publications.

Looking forward, the RPC and the Village have partnered on two current projects that have the potential for a lasting influence on the use of our public resources to enhance the Village’s quality of life. One of the projects, being conducted in conjunction with the renovation of the Village Hall, is looking at the use of the Village Hall site and the public lands immediately adjacent for natural recreation and education. We have jointly hired a noted landscape architect to help define the possibilities. A portion of this property contains some of the highest quality wetlands in the county.

The second jointly funded project is a "Riverwoods Natural Community Inventory" that will be conducted by our Village Ecologist. This project involves identifying, mapping, and rating the natural communities that exist within the Village. The information generated by this effort will help in the formulation of policies and programs for property management throughout the Village for years to come.

Of course, the most important and lasting partnership is the one between all Riverwoods residents. We are each stewards of a piece of this special place. Our success in maintaining our property values and ambience is up to each of us in partnership with our neighbors. The sum total of our efforts, our partnership, will make a measurable difference in the quality of life across our community. We have been empowered by the programs and assistance available to us. Your role in the partnership is simple: take just one small step: for example, plant a tree, pull some garlic mustard, reduce landscaping chemical use, or take out some buckthorn. Each of these small steps assists out our neighbors with their efforts and makes a huge difference when added all together. Let the RPC know how we can help... .

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