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Update on RPC Rain Garden Demonstration Site

September/October 2012

On October 2, the Riverwoods Preservation Council (RPC) completed the first of its two planned rain garden demonstration sites on Village property. Native plants will be added next spring. The completed site, which measures 40' x 4' x 3', is located next to the police station parking lot. The second site will be part of the reforestation area near the corner of Deerfield and Riverwoods Roads.

A rain garden is a part of your home's landscaping but it has a few special qualities. Using a ground depression, layered soil (with readily available materials) and plants, you can reduce potential pollutants in your water and manage stormwater runoff. Importantly, you can help to recharge our aquifer instead of losing some of the water to evaporation.

Once established, rain gardens require almost no ongoing effort. Native plants reduce the need to water and can fight off weeds. Even with the record drought, many native plants are holding their own. During the first year, however, the plants must be watered to help establish their root systems and weeding may be necessary.

In creating a rain garden on your own property, the Village will reimburse 50% of your costs up to a Village contribution of $2,000. The RPC can assist with the planning and cost-sharing processes.

The images below show site construction. Providing much of the hand labor were RPC directors Mike Clayton, Irene Gagerman and Louise Simonson. Machinery operations were performed by The Mulch Center. Village Forester served as one of the RPC's advisors. Materials to construct the layers of the rain garden were donated by The Mulch Center.

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