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Board of Trustees

The Village of Riverwoods is governed by a Mayor and a six member Board of Trustees. All are elected for four year staggered terms and the trustees serve without pay while the Mayor is salaried. The Board is the legislative body of the Village government. The administrative work is performed under the direction of the Mayor, who is elected to serve a four year term. Village Board meetings are held at 7:30pm on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. All meetings are open to the public and your are cordially invited to attend and participate.

Village Board of Trustees Meeting Notes

Summary of ordinances, resolutions, and non-routine matters considered by the Board of Trustees from the meeting minutes of October 21 and November 4. Read the entirety of these minutes or view the video of the actual Board of Trustee meetings on the Village of Riverwoods website at

May 5


Director of Community Services Rob Durning reported that the Village made progress with code violations at the hoarder/warehouse at 19 Big Oak. A notice was sent to another hoarder house at 2665 Edgewood. No progress has been made on this house as the owner has not responded to a request to inspect the home.

Several homes are either under construction or in for plan review. Mr. Durning is looking at the history of the Shoppes of Riverwoods. He has found a number of violations.

Mr. Durning sent out letters to all of the houses on septic to remind the owners that they need to get their septic systems tested, pass inspection and submit the results to the Village.


Village Engineer Pat Glenn reported that the paving work on Calvin, Farner and Strenger is complete. He has come up with a laundry list for Lake County DOT maintenance issues on Deerfield Road. He has not yet been able to address the wrought iron fencing issue on Deerfield Road near Timber Trail.


Village Attorney Bruce Huvard will prepare some Text Amendments for the Plan Commission meeting in June to deal with group homes. He will look at remapping the 320 Portwine property based on its revised use. Lastly, he is looking at some miscellaneous Text Amendments concerning parking of commercial vehicles in the Village.


Mayor Norris reported that Urban Forest Management will be going in a different direction and as of May 15, 2015 they will not be the official forester for the Village. Chuck Stewart will help with the transition plan and will be available for questions concerning Village history.


Trustee Ford resent a list of outstanding issues to Village Treasurer Hal Roseth. She drafted a financial report through March. The total revenues were $1.2 million. The expenses were slightly higher creating a net deficit of about $16,000 through March. Trustee Ford has not finalized the benchmarks with the advisors nor is she getting reports from them that show returns on investments. She hopes to have more answers in a month. Lastly, she followed up with the auditor who has not had the conversation she needed to have in order to look at what was done in the past with respect to auditing practices.


Police Chief Dayno provided the Board with the Police Department activity since the April 21, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting. The Police Report is available in full on the Village of Riverwoods website.

Chief Dayno stated that Officer Joe Peterson returned to work on April 28, 2015 and does not have any lasting effects from the car accident. He indicated that Officer Johnson has been going through the selection process for NIPAS and hopes to have an agreement with them that he will run by Attorney Huvard, for the next meeting.


Geothermal Report – Mayor Norris noted the Village received the geothermal report. Trustee Jamerson stated that the architect said that the soil has a better than typical ability to work with a geothermal system.

AMS Consulting Recommended for Strategic Plan – Mayor Norris stated that they went through the investigation and interview stages for a strategic planning facilitator. Trustee Chamberlain explained that the Planning Committee just decided today which strategic planning facilitator to recommend to the Board. She did not want to announce the name until she had an opportunity to communicate with all of the facilitators that they interviewed. In addition, Mayor Norris noted that some details, including pricing, still had to be finalized.


Mr. Glenn explained that this maintenance recommendation is for the low pressure sewer system that serves south Riverwoods. The flushing is completed every few years and at that time the air release valves are cleaned. Some of the valves may be past their usable life. Mr. Jamerson moved to authorize up to $22,974 for flushing and rebuilding and/or replacement of the air valves. The Board voted in favor.


Mayor Norris noted that the Village is recommending retaining the services of Bruce White, an environmental attorney. Mr. Huvard explained that Mr. White, with whom he has worked with over the years, is very experienced in environmental law.

The Phase 1 study showed that there could be a need for Phase 2 testing being that the parcel is right next to a landfill. The Village decided to get a proposal for Phase 2 testing. Mr. Huvard felt that the Village needed someone to guide them through this process. Overall, his understanding of the issues noted in the ESA recommendation were mostly how the construction is managed on the site rather than impediments to what the Village wants to accomplish. However, he wanted someone with expertise in this area to explain it to the Board before the Board was asked to vote on the Phase 2 proposal submitted by AEC.

Trustee Ford asked about the Professional Services Selection Act which states that if a public entity does not have a relationship, it is obliged to go through a selection process outlined in the law. Mr. Huvard explained that the Village is a Home Rule community and is not required to do that. In addition, he noted that when the Village gets professional services, they want to ensure they are getting advice from trusted professionals. Mr. Huvard believes that the Village will be getting the appropriate expertise with Mr. White. Mr. Huvard then asked Mr. White to address the Board.

Mr. White gave a brief history of his background. Mr. Huvard had contacted him to determine what is necessary to do to protect the Village as a prospective owner of property. The Phase 1 environmental study was done to ensure that certain engineering standards were met. They looked at the history, records and previous uses of the site. The study did not find any problems with the 3.75 acres, per se. However, what they did find was about 15 metals in a well on the property. The concentration was just above regulatory levels, but they didn’t understand why they were there at all. In addition, they found that the levels were higher than those found in a well on the landfill site itself. This is the reason the Phase 2 study was recommended. Mr. White explained that depending on the severity of contamination, if any, found in the Phase 2 study, the Village could use several available legal defenses to protect themselves if they take title to the property.

After some discussion, the consensus of the Board was to move forward with the Phase 2 study. However, they also agreed that the expense should be borne by Terraco.

Trustee Haber moved to hire Mr. White. Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion. The Board voted in favor.

Mr. Huvard suggested giving the Mayor the authority to sign the contract for the Phase 2 study and execute it at his discretion. Mr. White suggested asking Terraco for permission to go forward with a Phase 2 study and ask that the cost of the study be reimbursed to the Village at closing.

The Board then voted to authorize Mayor Norris to enter into contract with AEC as he deems appropriate.


Trustee Chamberlain indicated that the committee interviewed six firms as a replacement for Urban Forest Management. AES was clearly the frontrunner. AES has a broad range of knowledge, but also seem to be very good at determining what is not within their scope. The firm also offers a range of services and can fill the Village’s needs, especially now that Urban Forest is no longer providing services to the Village. Mayor Norris indicated that their rates were reasonable and that they are giving the Village a 15% discount off of their normal rates.

The Board voted in favor to authorize an engagement letter with AES, Inc.


Police/Building/Zoning – Trustee Jamerson discussed the building report. Activity seems to be picking up. At the next Board of Trustee meeting, he plans to present a new building permit fee schedule.