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Building a New Home in the Woods An Update on Village Projects 2017 Riverwoods Village Election Summertime at Brushwood Center Focusing on a Healthy and Native Woodland Controlling Mosquitoes While Protecting Bees

Municipal Electric Aggregation

The Village of Riverwoods voters approved a referendum allowing the Village to enter into an electricity purchasing agreement for its residential and small business customers.

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Green Power Program

All residents purchasing electricity through MC Squared are receiving savings over what they would have been paying under the current ComEd rates.

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Village-To-Resident Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification

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Riverwoods Village Hall Grand Opening

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 12 noon
300 Portwine Road, Riverwoods, IL

Mayor John W. Norris and the Village of Riverwoods Board of Trustees invite you to the grand opening of our newly-completed Riverwoods Village Hall, Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 12 noon, 300 Portwine Road, Riverwoods, IL. Refreshments will be served.

Hazard Tree Survey

The Village Forester/Certified Arborist has completed the Hazard Tree Survey. Our final letter with locations will be mailed NOV 11, 2016. Hazardous trees must be removed by Jan 13, 2017. After that FINAL deadline, the Village will remove remaining trees and charge-back our costs plus 10% to each resident that has not complied.

Compost Pickup

Lakeshore Waste does have compost pickup for a nominal fee. For more info call 773-685-8811

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out an interactive tax bill to help you better understand what is included on your bill. Also, below are some of the most frequently asked questions the Treasurer's Office has received. View more on the Treasurer's Office website.

Question: I never received my tax bill. What should I do?
Answer: Call the Treasurer’s office at 847-377-2323 or print a bill on the Treasurer's Office website. Duplicate Tax Bill page.

Question: What if I have my bill, but I lost my payment stubs?
Answer: Be sure to write the parcel number on your check. You can also download a copy of your tax bill with a payment stub at the Payment Status screen.

Question: I did not live here in 2015. Why did I receive a 2015 tax bill?
Answer: The tax remains with the property regardless of ownership. To determine your liability for paying the tax, check your closing statement to see if the seller gave you credit, or contact your attorney.

Property Tax Payment Options

U.S. Mail - Mail your payment using the envelopes provided with your bill. It must be postmarked on or before the due date in order to avoid penalty. To mail in your payment, send it to the Treasurer's Office P.O. Box located in Bedford Park, IL.

Other property tax payment options include: drop box, in person at most Lake County banks, and at the Lake County Treasurer's Office, online, or by phone.

Visit the treasurer's website at for more information, including billing history, property tax exemptions, and more.

Riverwoods 2017 Easter photos


Easter in Riverwoods

The woodland floor was strewn with colorful eggs and the sounds of hewhaws, oinks, quacks and laughter filled the air. This was Easter Sunday in Riverwoods. 

Mayor's Letter

First, let me welcome newly elected Henry Hollander and Eric Goldstein to the Board of Trustees. Eric, as I am sure most of you know, has been serving out an unfinished term from the last Board.  Henry has been serving the community as a member of the Plan Commission for a number of years. He will now trade coming to the Village one Thursday night a month for coming to the
Village Hall two Tuesday nights a month.

Burglary Prevention

Burglar Alarms

Floodplains in Riverwoods – Are You Affected?

Spring (and winter) rains can sometimes bring flooding. While we do have some f1oodplains in Riverwoods, they are generally limited to two areas of the Village. FEMA Floodplain Maps and information are available at the Village Hall. Please come in during regular office hours and see if you are affected. We would like to remind you that f1ood insurance is mandatory when building in the f1oodplain and using a federally regulated/insured bank for a loan. Come in and our Building Department Staff will be happy to help you with this information. The Village Engineer can also help you get Elevation Certificates. There is information on file for some areas of the Village and for a nominal fee will be able to help you get one for your property if needed. The staff is available to see if they can help you come to some ways to address flooding problems. Call the Building Department if you have any questions at 847-945-3990.

Book Club News

The latest meeting of the Book Club was held at Brushwood Center in Ryerson Woods Forest Preserve. We discussed Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America, By John M. Barry.  The river inundated the homes of nearly 1 million people, helped elect Huey Long governor and Herbert Hoover President, drove hundreds of  thousands of blacks north, and transformed American society and politics forever.

Lakeshore Recycling Offers Organics Collection

As the waste and recycling field develops, now more than ever, it is important to reconsider what can and can’t be recycled. Whether you are a homeowner, renter or a business owner, Lakeshore Recycling Systems will do what we can to spread recycling awareness and educate the community on recycling best practices. Our goal is to continuously find ways to reduce the amount of garbage produced and increase the amount of items recycled.

Reminder – Electronic Recycling

1st Pick up of each month

A Nature Blog to Enjoy 

We can all learn amuch about nature when we visit the forest preserves, but did you know that you can also learn through a bloggers experience when you log onto Jen Berlinghof, Lake County Environmental Educator for the Lake County Forest Preserves, writes a fascinating nature blog. 

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

Located in the Ryerson family historic home among pristine woodlands, Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods promotes the importance of nature for nurturing personal and community well-being, cultivating creativity, and inspiring learning. In so doing, we honor the legacy of those who came before us on this land and champion a region where people will care about and for nature.  

Ticks Are Part of the Natural Landscape  

In the warmer weather we start worrying about ticks, but according to the Lake County Health Department, daily even hourly weather conditions can affect tick activity, which is not restricted to spring and summer.  A warm day in December, in the 50s, can stimulate activity.  Ticks don’t mind humidity because they can dry out very easily.  In most instances they hang onto plants waiting for something to brush by, but if it’s windy or hot they prefer staying on leaves or at the bottom of grass.