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Terraco Update Police Services Halloween Party Book Club Hiring Police Officer

Municipal Electric Aggregation

The Village of Riverwoods voters approved a referendum allowing the Village to enter into an electricity purchasing agreement for its residential and small business customers.

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Green Power Program

All residents purchasing electricity through MC Squared are receiving savings over what they would have been paying under the current ComEd rates.

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Village-To-Resident Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods is pleased to announce the launch of the Connect-CTY service for emergency resident notification

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Terraco Update

On November 4, 2014, the Board of Trustees voted not to provide TIF assistance to the owner/developer of the property on the southeast corner of the intersection of Deerfield Road and Milwaukee Road. The owner subsequently withdrew its zoning application. Read More

Riverwoods Celebrates Halloween!

Once again Riverwoods residents of all ages came out for what must be our favorite holiday here in Riverwoods; Halloween! Read More

Riverwoods Floodplains

Do you reside in a floodplain? While we do have some f1oodplains in Riverwoods, they are generally limited to two areas of the Village. Read More

Please Recycle Your Winter Holiday Decorations

The Winter Holidays are just around the corner, inspiring us to decorate our homes. However, once the holidays are over it can be another story. Now what do I do with the decorations I no longer want? Here are a few suggestions. Read More

Orphans of the Storm Receives 100 Women Who Care Award

Orphans of the Storm was a proud recipient of the 100 Women Who Care award this past summer. If you haven’t heard about the 100 Women Who Care, you may be interested to know that it is a group of one hundred women strong who meet four times a year to make a collective impact on a local charity. Read More